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Behind the Project - Param Splitter

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Thought Process

While working on websites that use URLs with parameter strings appended to them, especially API-driven sites, I usually find myself trying to read through those parameter strings. Some of them can get fairly long, which can make it difficult to find the values of each parameter. Usually, I would copy and paste the URL into a new TextEdit document and press enter after every '&'. (For those of you running Windows, TextEdit is a Mac application similar to Notepad.) Of course, the longer the URL, the more time it would take. That's when I decided to develop a Google Chrome Extension that would automate the process

How it Works

The extension a popup-based extension, which means it loads in a flyout window when the icon is clicked. If the URL of the current tab has a parameter string, it will automatically load it into the text input. From there you can decide to split its parameters or type in a different URL.

Once you click the 'Split Parameters' button, a list of parameter-value pairs will be displayed below if a parameter string is detected. Parameters are shown on the left side and have a dark gray background around them, while the corresponding values are shown on the right. Any hashtags at the end of the URL will also be shown. From here, you can either copy the pairs to the clipboard, or open the same display in a new tab.

I also added the extension's functionality to the context-menu of page links. This way, when any hyperlink shown on a website is right-clicked, there will be an option to split its parameters and show them in a new tab.

Download Param Splitter

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