Megan Finn-Niznik - Web Designer/Developer

Services What I Can Do For You and How It Gets Done

My Process

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  1. Request Quote

    By sending a general overview of your website needs, I will be able to come up with the initial price range

  2. Client Survey

    By taking the client survey, I can get a better idea of your website’s goals, intended structure, and target audience.

  3. Requirements

    Based on your survey answers, I will make a list of page-by-page requirements for both of us to be aware of.

  4. Project Plan

    The project plan includes a summary of the project, an estimated timeline and budget, your responsibilities as the client, and the terms of my service

  5. Wireframes

    Wireframes are a skeletal representation of your website’s pages. Each element is documented in a side region by means of callouts

  6. Composites

    Design composites are a reflection of the approved wireframes with the introduction of color, textures, icons, and graphics.

  7. Development

    The development stage is where all the magic happens. It’s how the approved design composites are turned into a fully functioning website.

  8. Go Live

    After you’ve tested the website and submitted final payment, it’s time to copy the files to your live server and present it to your users

If you have a project in mind, be sure to Contact Me so we can start working together on it!